Rich Coastal is one of the leading Food Processing companies specialises in the manufacturing and supply of a large variety of food products has come a long way and is recognised as one of the best manufacturers, suppliers and exporters.

Our knowledge and experience of procurement along with advance techniques in manufacturing ensure that our products are of highest quality standards

We have vast experience in procurement, storage, processing, and supply of the agricultural commodities which ensures that our clients shall get premium grade products. We are deeply rooted to our values of commitment and integrity towards our clients which ensures that we become their preferred supplier.


We continue to add value for our customers in this area as evidenced by the commissioning of our Rich Coastal Innovation Lab. 

Our experienced personnel can help you create new or improved ingredients, solve production challenges, and get the maximum benefit from our state-of-the-art pilot equipment.

Quality & Food Safety

Our Quality Assurance and Food Safety program is a continuously evolving prevention-based combination of product standards, expert personnel, stringent evaluation programs, and traceable, organized communication throughout the supply chain.

Quality is at the core of our culture, which is why we demand our plants always be audit ready, prepared even if you decide to audit us unannounced. Not to brag, but we continually ace plant audits by the most stringent food auditors from some of the industry’s best food companies.

We consistently exceed FDA guidelines with our own quality control in food production standards. With our specialty food manufacturing services, we also have the ability to process non-GMO / GMO-free products.

Continuous enhancements in quality of food processing and packing, through adoption of technology, and to strengthen the distribution network to ensure availability, visibility and affordability.

The caliber of your food processing company will determine the quality of your end product. You want a production partner with the right tools, versatility, skill and acute attention to industry standards and regulations.

Rich Coastal specializes in food processing solutions that make use of cutting-edge equipment and world-class capabilities. Our customers know they can trust Rich Coastal for all of their food processing needs, and so can you.

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